Easier than TV. Anybody can use Memoera! Just press Memoera on and it is ready to use.



Time flies with Memoera. Quizzes bring joy and activate memory.



Memoera changes automatically suitable to the user, giving enough challenge and activity to develop your memory.

Meaningful activity to demented persons day


Memoera is an easy to use device that activates multiple brain functions and several senses simultaneously. Memoera offers quizzes and games that activate memory effectively.

Research shows that active usage of memory slows down the advancement of dementia

Challenging and meaningful activity brings a feeling of success and wellbeing. Memoera has been tested with more than thousand people with dementia and they really like to use the device.


Entertaining and activating tasks for demented people


Memoera gives meaningful activity and making things together with the patient brings joy. Memoera enhances sense of community and gives more active interaction between the patient and care taker.

Perception and deduction, language based, memory activities and mathematical skills get activated through Memoera in a fun way.

You can find the prices for institutions here.

Our residents love to play with the Memoera and are able to concentrate on it quite well.
They play the quiz with a smile on their lips, and even residents whose illness is more advanced participate successfully in the fruit machine game.
Villa Tapiola

Our grandmother has had a Memoera device for four years now.
It has given her a sense of achievement and many instances of feeling capable. It’s also great for her close family, who get some time for themselves while grandmother is happy playing it.
Before Memoera, she used to have a real fear of using electrical devices, but Memoera’s ease of use has also given her the confidence to use household appliances.
It took grandmother about a week to learn to use Memoera and learning it gave her a new sense of accomplishment. She loves using it and it’s clearly very important to her, because she’s made her Memoera device a special fabric cover that she puts over it when she’s not using it.

Kati and Jyrki Sarva
Memoera is in daily use in our establishment. The quiz is hugely  popular among our residents and they usually play it togheter. The questions in the game bring up memories for the elderly, which stimulates conversations both about today and the old days. The memory games is also a great game for groups, because the pictures you need to find are just right; colorful and simple.
Anne Koskinen, Willa Katinala

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Frequently asked questions

What does the device cost?

Rental price for private persons is 35€/month. You will have Memoera to use without engangement to buy or fixed time period.

Prices for institutions.

What if the device breaks?

You don’t have to pay, if the device is accidently dropped or gets broken in normal use. If the device is broken by purpose we will collect 150 € fee.

Does the contract come with fixed time period?

No, you can return the device if you no longer find it useful.

How can I order Memoera?

Order Memoera by fillind in the ordering form, or sending an e-mail to info@memoera.fi

Is Memoera really easy to use?

Yes, just press power on and you can use the device. Memoera requires no technical skills. You will use the device by touching the screen. Memoera adjusts to the users skill level and has an easy help function which shows how to use the quizzes and games.

Do I have to pay for new games?

No, new games are updated automatically to Memoera for free.