Rental terms for Memoera-device


Terms used in this contract:

Renter = The person or institution who/which is renting the Memoera-device

Device = Memoera device and the software in it

Establishing contract

  • The contract is established when the new renter orders the device by telephone, e-mail or through the form in the web pages.

Renters responsibility

  • Renter commits to follow the rental terms.
  • If renter is a private person, he or she must be at least 18 years old and legally capable.
  • Rental agreement is valid until further notice.
  • The device must not be taken out of Finlands borders as the device uses Finnish network.
  • First 14 days of the rental time are for free trial use.
  • Payable rental period starts right after the trial time, if the renter does not send the device back to Solentium. The rental agreement ends when the device is sent back.
  • Renter pays the return costs for the device.

The responsibilities of Solentium Oy

  • Solentium Oy is not responsible of damage or costs that result from careless use of the device.
  • Solentium Oy has the right to change the rental terms or cost by announcing it 3 months before.
  • Solentium Oy has the right to cancel the rental agreement if the renter is violating the rental terms.

The delivery and payments of the device

  • Solentium Oy sends the device to the user and pays the costs for the sending of the device.
  • Invoicing period is one month if not otherwise agreed.
  • Invoice is sent to the address which the renter has given.
  • The renter commits to pay the bill by the due date.
  • If the payment is not made in time, Solentium Oy will charge 5€ notice fee.

The maintenance and repair costs of the device

  • The device is owned by Solentium Oy and Solentium Oy takes care of the repairing and maintenance that result from normal usage of the device.
  • Solentium Oy takes care of the repairing of the device if it has been accidently broken.
  • The renter is responsible of the repairment and delivery costs when the device has broken due to careless handling. The costs for broken device in this case is 150€.
  • If the equipment is lost, Solentium Oy will charge 250€ fee for the lost device.

Ending of the rental agreement

  • Renter can end the rental agreement at any time by informing Solentium Oy by phone, e-mail and sending the device back to Solentium Oy.
  • When the rental agreement is ending the renter pays the returning costs of the device.